Steve H. Miller




Steve H. Miller - President and Owner of Paradox Art Studio, founded the company in 1981. 

Steve is a self taught artist who began when he was a child doing three-dimensional work as early as first grade. He started with pen & ink and in 1978 did his first acrylic painting, but mostly did charcoal and pen drawings of Movie Stars and then Portraits of anyone.  His first exhibit was in 1982 at the South Orange, NJ (Meet the Artist) outdoors Art Show.  Since then he has participated in shows in Florida, Pennsylvania, New York and his home state of New Jersey.  He is also credited with having exhibited at the Lynn Kottler Gallery located at 3 East 65 Street in New York City. April 2nd through the 15th, 1983.  He has also been granted a one man show on August 10th 1986 by the Mayor of Weehawken in Beautiful Hamilton Plaza, Weehawken, New Jersey on the Palisades over looking New York City, where people from all over the World come to visit.

Mr. Miller has been mentioned in the following publications:  Village Voice, New York Times, Art Now/New York Gallery Guide, Art Now/The National Museum and Gallery Guide.  He has also Painted a 8 foot x 10 foot Backdrop for the Band US which played and displayed Steve's painting at the Bottom Line Night Club, The Bitter End Club and many more. 

Steve illustrates his individualism through his paintings. He continually expresses a warmth for his subjects, while projecting them into the Future.  Though he likes Science Fiction and Fantasy he does all forms and styles including Illustration, Landscape, Portraits, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Photo-Realism, Painting touch-ups and color matching.  His art is endearing to both young and old.  Through his paintings he reaches all our inner hopes, showing us a peaceful future despite current turbulent times.

Steve H. Miller has completed over 75 paintings to date, 55 of these paintings and thousands of prints can be found in private collections throughout the Country and World.  He has sold all but about 20 that he still has and shows through his Web Site and Online Store.

In 1986 Paradox Art Studio merged with Penny Lane Photo Lab Located on the corner of 15th Street & Summit Avenue, Union City New Jersey.  This was a real plus for business, now he could show the paintings and had the capability of producing the prints that he sells, on the premises.  In 1988 the building was destroyed by fire, luckily  the paintings were removed before any were damaged.

In 1992 Steve wanted to broaden his skills and business,  so he studied Graphic Art and Design. He received his Certificate of Completion in 1993 from the Plaza School in Maywood New Jersey.

In 1993 Steve introduced these skills to Paradox Art Studio now doing Fine Art and Graphic Design being one of the few in the world to do this.  In 1993 Steve landed a Great Account with Valentino Originals, Inc., Maker of the Championship Belts for the Professional Boxers  throughout the World.  From that day on to date Steve Miller has been designing these Championship Belts.

In 1998 Steve wanted to expand his creativity once again and studied Web Site Design, Hosting, & Maintenance along with Animation.  He incorporated it into the business in 1999.

In 2008 Steve expand once again and studied advanced Web Design, now able to Create Online Stores with full Shopping Carts. His Online Store now sells Different size Prints and T-Shirts and is still expanding.


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